Fact or Parable

In the gospels of Matthew and Luke, Jesus shared his message through parables. A parable is a story used to illustrate a spiritual lesson such as the prodigal son. The lesson derived from the prodigal son is that even though you sin as long as you repent, Jesus will accept you in loving arms. For the next few articles, I want to delve deeper into those parts of The Bible where the story may not have happened.

In the Pentateuch, we are going to focus on the second book of the Bible, Exodus. The story goes that Moses freed the Israelites from Egypt and took them on a journey to the promised land. The time where this journey occurred was during the reign of the Pharaoh Ramesses the Second. The importance of this time period is that it is one of the most well documented periods of history for early civilization. Ramesses the Second led Egypt to many victories against other nations, including the Syrians and Libyans. He was known for building most of the ancient Egyptian architecture we see today.

During this period, other than the Bible and Torah, there isn’t history or proof supporting a mass exodus. The Israelites traversed the desert for forty years to reach the promised land even though the distance between Egypt and Canaan is approximately three days journey on foot. Thousands of people died during this journey, but there has never been any archaeological proof found.

Archaeologists and researches are striving for evidence such as vases, clothes, or bones, but until now there is no proof at all. These findings or lack of any kind of remains recorded, leaves the entire book of Exodus in the Bible to faith based belief. So are the mighty events including the parting of the red sea and receiving water from a rock.

Even though science and technology has not been able to dig out evidences of the Exodus, it is paramount we still focus on the lessons to be learned during this journey – Jesus will always be our provider in times of wilderness experiences in life. We should always trust and place our faith in God, and he will protect and sustain us. More importantly to learn from the consequences if we complain against God, as the Israelites did.    


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